YouTube Tutorial Modellierung

YouTube Tutorial on Mathematical Modeling

This website refers to a set of short videos on mathematical modeling that are provided on YouTube.

My intention is to help beginners in Operations Research to get used to mathematical modeling which is an important skill in this field. I hope that you find these videos helpful. English is not my mother tongue, so please excuse my obvious accent. Feel free to share this with students and to reference it as backup material in any OR related course if you are involved in teaching OR.

I apologize for any errors that may have found their way into the content of the videos. Let me know, if you detect any mistake. If you have comments or suggestions for further videos on modeling tips and tricks, I would be happy to receive an email from you.

If you like to, tell me which country your are from. It's always interesting to see in which regions of the world my videos are appreciated.

Please do not ask me to do your homework. Emails like "Can you please tell me how to model XYZ?" won't be answered for several reasons. One is my current workload. Sorry for that. Of course, my own students shouldn't hesitate to contact me if they get stuck with what is discussed in my courses.

Cheers, Alf Kimms